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New Haven Green

Postcard New Haven Green, c. 1920s. Courtesy Joe Taylor.

The New Haven Green is a National Historic Landmark that has been at the center of life in New Haven since its boundaries were established in 1640. The Puritans founded New Haven Colony in 1638, and in 1640 surveyor John Brockett laid out a nine square city plan to the specifications of the founders. This central 16-acre public square was originally a communal marketplace and pasture and has been called the New Haven Green since 1779. In 1784, Temple Street was cut through the Green, creating two sections. The Garden Club of New Haven, in conjunction with the Proprietors of the Common and Undivided Lands in New Haven (who have legal responsibility for the Green), have created a free audio walking tour of the Green, available by dialing (203) 672-4384. They also published a brochure to accompany the audio tour, which is available online and at New Haven Visitor Centers (see #16 on this tour).

  • Text source courtesy Garden Club of New Haven, Walking Tour of the Historic New Haven Green. .

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